Touchlox Guy Gets Kicked Out Of Childhood Home By Cheating Wife #shorts

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24 respostas em “Touchlox Guy Gets Kicked Out Of Childhood Home By Cheating Wife #shorts”

This is the lock picking lawyer and what we have here today is a new design from a little known company called touchlox. This is the touchlox pro model. We looked at a similar lock in video 805 a few years back. Today I will be attempting to open this lock with a fishing line and a magnet… and. Seems by the sound we are binding on pin number 4 ….and we got it open. Now folks, if anything is to be learned from this experience its that biometric locks like this one and in my video 805 from pavlin are rarely if ever are a reliable means of security. In my opinion it would be better to secure your belongings with a much more reputable Master Lock given the price tag of this lock. If you like this and other videos like this be sure to like and subscribe and as always, have a nice day.

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