Microcontroller-Based Hardware Design With Altium Designer – #4 Microcontroller

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This fourth video in our series examines a typical microcontroller’s pins, which essential connections need to be made to get it up and running, and how to determine a pinout for your application. Created by Philip Salmony, Tech Consultant for Altium and the mind behind Phil’s Lab.

In this beginner, step-by-step series, we’ll go through the entire design process for a simple microcontroller-based hardware design using Altium Designer. From part selection, to component sizing, schematic capture, PCB layout and routing, and final manufacturing file generation.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 MCU Pins Explained
05:34 Essential MCU Connections
13:40 Pinout and SWD
20:45 Outro

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Uma resposta em “Microcontroller-Based Hardware Design With Altium Designer – #4 Microcontroller”

Good video!!
I've seen some designs about the crystal oscillator has installed a large ohm(1Mohm or greater) of resistor between pins OSC-IN and OSC-OUT.
What is that purpose of the resistor?

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