Dramatically Reduce Image Noise WITHOUT Losing Details or Quality

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Stacking multiple images to reduce noise is not a new concept and is one of the best ways to get a clean, high-detail image in low light without noise reduction software, providing you have enough time to capture multiple images. But, it isn’t always easy. Today, we’re covering a much easier way to stack Astro landscape images than the classic photoshop method using free software called Sequator. We’ll cover file prep as well as walk through all the Sequator settings to help you get to a point where you have a nice, clean image to further edit in your style.

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🌐► Download Sequator:
🌐► Option for the Apple folks:
📽️► If you want a deep dive on how to get the best low light performance out of your Sony camera:

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Image stacking has gotten easier!
0:42 – Why would you stack exposures for noise?
3:26 – Capturing the files you need
4:43 – How many images should you take?
6:15 – Preparing your raw files for Sequator
15:13 – How to use Sequator for best results
24:41 – Let’s see our results!
26:12 – A tip about stacking with panoramas
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3 respostas em “Dramatically Reduce Image Noise WITHOUT Losing Details or Quality”

Dan, I thoroughly enjoy your YouTube channel. In a genre (photography) that is oversaturated in my opinion, you found a way to not only differentiate yourself but also provide useful information. Thank you.

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